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Principal Message

Dear Guardians,

Assalamu Alaikum. It is every guardian’s desire to educate their children in good education and establish them as true human beings. And that requires good education. Educational institutions have to make the learning environment favorable by fulfilling the challenging responsibility of developing the inherent qualities of the students. We would call ours an ideal institution which has experienced and dedicated teaching staff, all kinds of modern educational materials, modern technology equipped classrooms, modern teaching methods, well regulated discipline, academic plan, lecture sheets, and efficient and experienced administrative system. In the meantime, ‘Glory School and College’ is an institution that excels in the mentioned qualities for your child. Established in 2006 in Mirpur area, it is currently conducting pedagogical practices for the students of both Bengali medium and English version from play group to twelfth standard. ‘Glory School & College’ always strives to fulfill the responsibility of developing the inherent qualities of your children by nurturing their intelligence, imagination and creativity and play a role in the development of the students studying in this institution as practical, well-educated, efficient, smart, conscious and patriotic citizens and is strongly committed to fulfill the desired expectations of all students and respected guardians. This institution actively strives to develop students into accomplished human beings and responsible citizens through sports, study tours, banquets and cultural events.

‘Glory School and College’ is moving forward with the aim of meeting the challenges of the 21st century and creating enlightened people. Wholeheartedly, I would wish for your sincere cooperation to make each of the moments of the institutional advancement an enormous success.


Prof. Md. Ahidur Rahman

The Principal

Glory School and College

Former Principal, Mirzapur Cadet College

Md. Ohidur Rahman
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