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College Features

  1. Modern furnished class room. Branch distribution with a specified number of students.
  2. Multimedia Class Room.
  3. Teaching in Semester Method.
  4. Strict rules and orderly environment.
  5. Teaching system by a congregation of skilled and experienced teachers.
  6. Well-equipped sciences, computer labs and rich library services.
  7. Arrange for taking enough practical classes from the beginning of the year.
  8. Arrange for additional classes as per the needs of the students.
  9. Class reading and creating and solving quiz type questions daily.
  10. Clean and serene environmentally friendly writing environment with timely security.
  11. The college has its own microbus system for students to travel.
  12. Continuous power and generator system.
  13. Residential arrangements in a pleasant environment.
  14. Regular supervision of teachers and night coaching at the hostel for residential students.
  15. Contact the parent regarding missing students.
  16. SMS service for student attendance and notification.
  17. The college is run by an experienced Board of Directors.
  18. A completely political and smoke-free environment.
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