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Every guardian desires to establish their child as truly human being by giving proper education. Hence proper education is needed.  An education institute has to be liable to ensure the difficult task of blooming the latent talent of the students.

We must indicate an ideal institution which has a bunch of devoted teachers, modern study materials, multimedia classroom, befitting teaching method, well discipline, academic course plan, lecture Sheet, hard and skilled administration management. We ensure that ‘Glory School and college’ possesses these all qualities. It has been continuing its teaching activities from class- play group to XII since its establishment in 2006 in mirpur area. Glory School and College is always highly attempted to inspire and enlighten your child's talent, thought and creativity. Glory School and College wants to pay the vital role to make its students practically well educated, skilled, intelligence, patriot and good citizen of the

Country and committed to fill the aspiration of all the students and guardians.
This institution is activity seeking to build up its students as complete human being and responsible citizen by arranging games and sports, study tour, excursion and cultural program.

Glory School and College is going ahead to face the challenge of 21st century. We expect your cordial support and co-operation in every development step of the institution to go ahead with determination.

Professor Md. Ohidur Rahaman
Ex-Principal :

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